About Me

Hey, what's up? My name is Walker. I founded Walker John Creative in 2018, a brand identity-focused design shop, providing design services and creative consulting for businesses and brands.

A little bit about me - I'm a Los Angeles native and a Northwestern graduate. I come from a family of artists, and growing up in our modern world surrounded by technology, I quickly realized the value of using computers to create. This led me to my passion and love for branding, design, and creative marketing. Lucky me.  

I believe in inspiring work, teaming up with motivated, good individuals, and creating something we both want to put into the world. ​

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What services do I provide?

BRand Identity

Your business’s branding is what makes you unique and emotionally connects you to clients. Developing an all-encompassing design system creates the foundation for the meaningful relationships you'll have with customers.

My three-step creative process - 1) discovery, 2) development, 3) style guide creation - has been successful for a wide array of brands and businesses.


An amazing website starts with a great user experience. My goal always is to create an immersive web experience that engages visitors and helps drive action.

We’ll work closely together to build an elegant, responsive website that helps tell your story and communicate your brand's message.

WEB development

The final step is bringing your website experience to life. I develop custom websites that are fully editable using WebFlow's fantastic CMS and editor system.

Not interested in Webflow? I also make awesome websites through Squarespace and Editor X.

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